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Wireless Silent LED Computer Mouse - Rechargeable Backlit Bluetooth/USB by Easy Idea®

Wireless Silent LED Computer Mouse - Rechargeable Backlit Bluetooth/USB by Easy Idea® - CharmingWares

Wireless Silent LED Computer Mouse - Rechargeable Backlit Bluetooth/USB by Easy Idea®

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Quiet, Comfortable and Stylish LED Backlit Wireless Mouse

LED backlit silent laptop computer mouse with USB rechargeable cordless bluetooth

The Easy Idea® Mouse is an RGB wireless, bluetooth, LED backlit, ergonomic, silent, USB rechargeable, slim and light, sleek computer mouse for all occasions.

-Amazing Features of the Easy Idea® Wireless Mouse-

*Slim- Because it is rechargeable, a lot of the space typically required for a computer mouse's batteries has been thoughtfully eliminated, allowing for a more compact, ergonomic design.

*Silent- Other people in the home will thank you for this feature if you stay up at night using your laptop, finishing work or playing your favorite game. No more symphony of mouse clicks to annoy roommates, parents or significant others with its remarkable noiseless quality.

*Adjustable Sensitivity- It has 3 levels of responsive DPI settings available at your fingertips (dots per linear inch), allowing you to toggle mouse pointer accuracy and speed to your preference on the fly, without having to change the settings on your computer. Perfect for detailed tasks such as photo editing and targeting during gaming.

rgb silent gamer friendly laptop computer mouse

A Sophisticated Little Mouse that Simply Gives You More

 *More Freedom- Switch between USB to Bluetooth connectivity mode when you need to free up those USB ports to connect other devices to your computer. A dedicated slot under the mouse means you can store the USB receiver on the mouse unit itself, ensuring it never gets lost. Or, you can use the USB and Bluetooth mode simultaneously with 2 separate devices at the same time, with only 1 mouse and no switching back and forth.

Charging the unit with the included USB cord for only one hour yields 168 hours of continuous, reliable use.

*More Fun- It emits a lovely LED light around the base and through the logo that runs the full spectrum of colors, oscillating between brilliant shades of purple, emerald green, blue, fiery red, orange and yellow to create an ambience sure to enhance any activity and increase your enjoyment, whether you're working, playing, streaming, or just browsing the web. 

 *More Compatibility and Portability- It connects easily to Smart TV's, Apple or Windows desktop and laptop computers and notebooks, Android and Mac tablets, and smart phones. Its sleek design means you'll be able to easily take it with you where ever you go without sacrificing space in your bag for other items. Or if you're not going far, just slide it into your pocket as you would your cell phone.


-Specifications of the Easy Idea® Wireless Mouse-

Type: 2.4Ghz Wireless
Certification: CE
Number of Rollers: 1
Gross Weight: 112g
DPI: Adjustable 800/1200/1600
Package: Yes
Number of Buttons: 3
Operation Mode: Opto-electronic
Style: 3D
Power Type: Rechargeable (cord included)
Model Number: RGB Mouse
Hand Orientation: Right
Interface Type: USB/Bluetooth


Wireless USB/Bluetooth Mouse Connects to Most All Modern Computing Devices

Gamer Friendly, Yet Quiet as a Mouse

What it Lacks in Noise, it Makes Up in Style and Fun


Perfect LED Computer Mouse for Cool Room Lighting

What is it about computing or gaming in the dark with only the lights on from your laptop, desktop monitor or other favorite piece of gear that intrigues us so much?

Only those who enjoy this experience intimately for themselves will ever understand.

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