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Memory Foam Seat Back and Chair Cushion Set, Improve Back Comfort and Posture at Work

Memory Foam Seat Back and Chair Cushion Set, Improve Back Comfort and Posture at Work - CharmingWares

Memory Foam Seat Back and Chair Cushion Set, Improve Back Comfort and Posture at Work

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Support Your Back and Spine while Sitting Down at Work

3 Options to Choose From:


Standard style: memory foam core style
Upgraded style: bamboo charcoal memory foam core style
Advanced  style: magnetic cloth lined with bamboo charcoal memory foam core style
-Standard memory foam is the highest grade memory foam available to provide a comfortable, therapeutic sitting experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and energetic for more productive working and improved posture.
- Bamboo charcoal has a porous structure, and the texture is firm. Has a strong adsorption capacity, can purify the air and eliminate odor. Contact with the human body can absorb moisture and perspiration. After scientific refining and processing, it has been widely used in daily life.

- Magnetic properties are the properties of matter, and the human body also has a certain magnetic property itself. It has been confirmed by scientific experiments that the use of magnetic substances and biomagnetic effects inside the human body can adjust various unbalanced or abnormal functional states to improve human health.



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Memory Foam Back Support Cushion 


Type: Seat Cushion/Back Cushion

Feature: Massage

Feature: Memory

Feature: Anti-Decubitus

Set Type: Yes

Unpick and Wash: Removable and Washable

Pattern: PRINTED

Style: Modern

Model Number: DTZ01

Technics: Nonwoven

Shape: Rectangle

Heating Method: Hot-water Bag Heating

Use: Seat

Pattern Type: Solid

Filling: Memory Foam

Material: Polyester / Cotton

Age Group: Adults 



This product is made using an air molding process. If a small hole or air bubble in the inner core is found, it is not a product quality problem and it can be used with confidence.


Receiving the Product

During the production to delivery process, the product is in a sealed state and the smell cannot be dispersed between production and packing. Pillow products are recommended to be separated from pillowcases and ventilated in a cool place for 2-3 days, and up to 4 - 5 days for people with sensitivity.

Among all products there may be a slight color variation or difference between the picture and the product.

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