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6" Bird's Nest Fern + Rattan Woven Basket

6" Bird's Nest Fern + Rattan Woven Basket - CharmingWares

6" Bird's Nest Fern + Rattan Woven Basket

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Let's All Have Some Fern

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Make your home a serene green space with this beautifully woven Fern planter. The handwoven basket is sure to set the atmosphere in your home while bringing a touch of nature and purifying the air at the same time.

Enjoy it as a botanical centerpiece to your living room or a low-key decoration, the artisan basket adds a nice, organic and neutral color that blends well with any interior decorating style.


Color: Natural, Black
Specs: 6"H x 7"L x 7"W Material: Rattan

Due to the handmade nature of our pieces, there may be slight variations in size, color, and pattern from item to item.


Height/Width: 18"x 7"

The Endless Benefits of Indoor Plants

Have you noticed how much just one lovely plant can do? Having indoor plants can improve your mood, detoxify and purify the air, reduce airborne dust and carbon dioxide levels, produce oxygen, maintain healthy room moisture and humidity, and much more.

Easy to maintain, Ferns have been a mainstay in modern homes and national parks for centuries.

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