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This Summer, We've Got You Covered

Summer's here and much of the world has resumed some form of normalcy, though for how long, no one can be quite sure, especially during this time of major fear and irrationality.

But while the sun's shining and people are taking to the great outdoors once again (hopefully), enjoying get-togethers with friends, loved ones, or maybe even solo or with their furry best friend on a road trip, we've added some great items for your consideration that we think will help you ring in the new season with a bang.

Hit the Road with Your Best Friend

I know from personal experience how much of a joy it is to travel the Western US, camping all over from California to Nevada, to Washington St., Colorado and even North Dakota.

Some of my best memories are from hopping in my SUV and picking a random spot in the forest of a National Park to camp for the night with my dog. However, anyone who has a dog that sheds hair like there's no tomorrow and loves to roll around in the dirt can tell you what that means for your vehicle- a nasty hairy mess. 

It's even worse if you rent a car. Returning a rental car with a backseat full of dirty dog hair can mean a hefty penalty, so why not prevent it in the first place? This is why we think you'll love our new dog seat covers.

These doggy car seat covers are not only 100% waterproof, but they also secure and keep your dog from falling on the floorboard of your vehicle during sudden stops. They're long-lasting and won't crack or deteriorate in direct sunlight for even the hottest of days.

For even more protection for your upholstery or furniture against pet hair, check out these anti-pet hair re-usable lint rollers. And if you need to leave Fido alone at any point throughout the day indoors, your dog will love you for this artificial grass doggy pee pad, so they won't have to hold it in or ruin the carpet!

The Right Gear for All Your Backyard Parties and Friendly Gatherings

Not everyone will be taking to the highways to celebrate the summer season or July 4th Independence Day holiday. Many people will enjoy a day barbecuing in the backyard, knocking back some cold ones with close pals and relatives, or just lounging around lazily in the shade.

That's why the Upland fire pit 3 in 1 makes such a great addition to your backyard or patio.

classic outdoor fire pit, bbq grill and ice cooler/beverage holder


For people who want a relaxing seat in nature that only requires a tree or a trellis, this cotton tassel portable hammock seat is just what you've been looking for. And don't worry about if it's sturdy enough to hold a full-grown adult, it's load-bearing abilities reach over 300 lbs, sure to please all the defensive linemen or pro wrestlers in your family.

 Tassel Cotton Hanging Rope Hammock Chair

 Whatever You Do This Summer, Be Safe and Have a Blast!

We wish you the absolute best time this summer, everyone deserves to enjoy freedom and be happy, relax, and be themselves along with the people they care about most, or simply by themselves.

We hope you'll check out our latest in outdoor and patio accessories to see the great new products in store which we didn't even have time to mention here in this blog post.

We hate to sound like a corny high school yearbook quote but we really do mean it when we say have a great summer!

Take care


Happy Summer 2021 from

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