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The Benefits of Aromatherapy, Humidifiers, Essential Oils, and Himalayan Salt

We spend a lot of time in our homes. Most of that time is probably spent sleeping and resting. So what could be a better idea than creating an environment that is most conducive to comfort, well being and good health?

Today we're going to be talking about the benefits of a couple of things that holistic and yoga practitioners, spa therapists, and relaxation experts have been raving about now for years.

Benefits of Aromatherapy, Humidifiers, Essential Oils, and Himalayan Salt

Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is a newcomer to the world at large in applications ranging from cooking salt to salt lamps. Mined in Pakistan, the pink salt is more than just pretty to look at. It also has some great benefits.

While many of the benefits are difficult to measure in terms of to what degree they remove pollutants from the air or how many ions they emit, many people who use them swear by them.

As a very outdoorsy type person who spends a lot of time near the coast, I have to say that the vibe from being near the ocean is more naturally exciting and relaxing in general.

creating a relaxing and beneficial natural home environment

You just feel nice and calm walking near the waves breaking on the rocks of seaside cliffs, rolling up on the sandy shore. The pebbles glisten so brightly and clean and you have no need to keep your mind on usual worries.

That's exactly why people love Himalayan salt rocks for decorations, just like our new Himalayan salt lamp & essential oil diffuser. They get the cavernous rock crystal vibes that we already enjoy so much out in nature.

Benefits of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

On peppermint oil alone, there are over 1200 medical studies proving that there are actual real benefits which can affect your health positively. Peppermint oil is a natural breath freshener, can soothe and calm the stomach, and has a relaxing scent which increases your energy level.

Lavender oil is also another very popular essential oil, and is useful for helping you relax and sleep better, relieve sunburn, and a fabric softener and freshener. The benefits of aromatherapy are great for easing stress and depression as well.

Benefits of Humidifiers

Oncologists say air humidity can be one of the most effective measures against spreading infectious disease.

In a study they placed humidifiers into 1 of 2 separate pre-school classrooms and found the room with the humidifiers had fewer students fall ill that semester. The ideal indoor humidity is around 40 - 60% relative humidity.

And have you ever noticed humidifiers when you go to a spa or massage? They just make you feel more natural. At home they can actually help you sleep better at night by keeping your sinuses and airway from drying out.

Bringing the Benefits of Nature Home to Your Indoors

Being out in nature has so many real health benefits. Sunlight and fresh air, microbes from the soil and earth all combine to strengthen our immune systems and perform vital functions for our health.

It only makes sense to bring those elements indoors with us. You can start with an indoor plant as a great option for adding some fresh air. Make sure you pick out a plant that does not require a lot of direct sunlight when you make your selection so it will last a long time.

One of my favorite indoor low light plants is Lady Palm, it has a very nice desert forest look to it.

Take steps to make your indoors look a little more like your outdoors and enjoy a natural feel and style with very real positives for your well-being, life and health.

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