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Creating Pixel Art: an Easy and Cute Custom Home Decorating Idea and Fun Indoor Activity

super mario pixel artMaking pixel art as a decoration or hobby has taken many forms throughout the years, from the days of the classic toy "Lite Bright" to the modern day Divoom Pixoo and Tivoo bluetooth speaker and picture frame.

But one great thing about pixel art is it's always fun and easy to begin, having very little learning curve, and provides hours of rewardable enjoyment, educational value, and aesthetically pleasing creations you can use to decorate your home.

It's also a great way to add nostalgia-invoking aesthetics to set the tone for your game room, living room or home office that impresses your friends and subscribers.

How to Start Making Pixel Art


Nowadays we can make pixel art online with free tools or use common applications like photoshop and illustrator, add cool animations to make cute .gifs come to life, show off our artistic attempts in an online community on reddit or Twitter, and even work as an official pixel artist, charging $15 - 50 / hr.

What is a pixel, anyway?

"A pixel is the smallest unit of a digital image or graphic that can be displayed and represented on a digital display device. Pixels are combined to form a complete image, video, text, or any visible thing on a computer display."

-Techopedia : What does Pixel mean?

The great thing about pixel art is the ability to make multiple adjustments without having to worry about permanent mistakes bringing a damper to a fun activity, making you have to start over with new paint or paper.

You can even make your own animated sprites too for free online.

Wait... what is a sprite?

corgi pixel art sprite animation

A sprite is whenever you take several different versions of the same image, slightly different, and then put them in a sequence, resulting in what appears to be a moving scene or character. This is also the basis of the animated .gif image file you encounter on the internet like the one above.

A great place to start is pixelart, a supportive online pixel art community where you can learn to make pixel art and post all your designs for people to rate and comment on with a Pinterest/Twitter type format.

pixilart online pixel art community share meet buy sell

Bringing Pixel Art to the Physical World in 3D

Kids seem to really love pixels just as much, and can even benefit in building spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination using physical colored beads to make designs on peg boards. 

Parents who left reviews of these type of affordable pixel art bead products have heralded the curiosity that it inspired in their young children- and the amount of peace and quiet that came with it for the hours they spend producing new colorful "sprites", or digital characters, all their own in the real world.

And with the bead creations, once you're done, you just iron over the design to have all the beads stick together, remove it from the peg board, and now you have a flexible, cohesive craft which you can use as a keychain, cup coaster, logo, decoration or a toy. They make fantastic hand-made gifts for grandparents as well.

You can start with a few separate pegs of different colors to make simple items like food or flowers, then work up to your favorite anime or Avengers characters. There are plenty of places online to download instructions to follow to build your own versions of masterpieces.

Pixel Art is a Great Indoor Activity Idea that Stimulates the Mind and Lightens the Mood, and Your Space

Seeing as how anyone can make it, it's hard to mess up and you can keep it fun and light or really go deep into detail, that makes it the perfect indoor activity for people during the cold months or if they're looking for fun things to do inside alone or with the family. 

Pixel art is also a productive way to spend leisure time throughout the day and have something to show for it afterward. Just think, while you're sitting there waiting for your flight at the airport or just taking a quick break from everything during the day, it's fun to pull out the phone and use a pixel art app to get creative and relax at the same time.

That's why we love the Divoom Pixel Art Collection, every device comes ready to connect to the Divoom app with tons of pixel art images and animations to download immediately, or you can just make your own to feature on your very own Tivoo or Pixoo. And the fact you can listen to the fantastic sound of a bluetooth speaker while showing off the 8 or 16 bit art you created on a brilliant little gadget only sweetens the deal.

 Sonic pixel art


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