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A Brilliance that Never Hibernates

With the coldest months of Winter upon us, we like to stay warm and cozy while  taking the time to reflect on ways we can be prolific in all the wonderful things that we live to produce.

It is often during these periods of stillness and quiet when we unlock new paths to excellence within ourselves, which if we listen and follow, manifest themselves to the people in our lives around us as what can only be described as a genie at work.

The French word "genie" is closely related to the Latin word "genius", which means "household guardian spirit".

 stylish home living and comforts

We hope the more time you spend comfortably at work or play in your home, your inner genie or genius will come out naturally. We believe our latest collection helps you attain that state of ease whereby you can merge with the here and now to be your best.

Why not just take the next 10 seconds to relax, breathe, and surround yourself with thoughts and feelings of whatever brings you joy and makes you feel good.

Everyone benefits when we are truly content, grateful, rooted in source, and creating reality by living in this present moment.

the power of releasing your inner genius

And sometimes we just need a little extra help. That's why today we're sharing a video from one of our favorite "online relaxation therapists". 

If you can listen to this without feeling tingles inside and out or melting into a puddle in your chair, then I'm afraid nothing we have to offer will ever suffice.

For most of us, though, we will welcome a respite from the stresses and strains, and all of the demands placed on us by the outside world.

Enjoy and always take good care.


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